Leave Demolition To The Professionals

On the surface demolition sounds like fun – it’s a childhood dream to knock things down, isn’t it? But if it’s not handled correctly you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Having the right gear and knowing how to use it correctly is essential and expensive exercise.

Demolitions are tough work and time-consuming for the inexperienced. The older the property, the more delicate the job at hand. If you are only demolishing a single room, then particular care must be taken to avoid damage to the other structures within the building. That’s why it makes sense to get Demolition In Perth to tackle the
job for you.


What do we demolish?

We specialise in small (light) demolitions for residential and commercial properties. This includes:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Garages, sheds and carports
  • Pool demolition
  • Outdoor demolition
  • Office, retail or home strip outs
  • Office partitioning
  • Wall removal
  • Carpet or tile removal
  • Public structures
  • Removal of asbestos (WARA 2104) & other hazardous material

Demolitions are a messy exercise – that’s just the nature of it. We work to minimise any disruptions, and after the dust settles you can rest assured we will tidy up and leave your space spotlessly clean. At Demolition In Perth we don’t just demolish, we also take care of your rubbish removal - whether it’s household rubbish or garden waste - nothing is left lying around.