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Demolition In Perth aims to keep as much of the waste out of landfill sites. Where possible we will recycle scrap metal, separate brick and concrete to be recycled into road base, resell any quality wood for other uses, and collect green waste to be decomposed into mulching products. By doing this we are minimising the environmental impact of your demolition.

A driver’s license is required for excavator operator positions, and some employers require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Requirements for a CDL vary by state. Employers may also prefer that workers hold industry certification related to the equipment they operate.

There are smaller excavators that can be used for backyard digging as well as larger machines meant for heavy duty large-scale excavations. With that said, there exists two main types of excavators used in modern construction namely back hoe and dragline.

Yes, I have comprehensive insurance in place that not only covers my work but also the project. Ask to see my insurance details when we do the quote and I will be happy to provide it to you.

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